Nanci Armstrong-Temple, Founder & co-director of Peace out loud

Nanci Armstrong-Temple is an activist, educator, organizer and social permaculturist. She is the daughter of a Black revolutionary/former Black Panther father and a white abolitionist Unitarian Universalist Mother. A lifelong practitioner of self-determination, disobedience, non-violent resistance and peaceful communication practices, Armstrong-Temple is able to sit down with almost anyone in order to listen deeply and help co-create a life and a world more in alignment with one’s own gifts and integrity and highest good for family and community.

Bay Bridge shut down action to reclaim Martin Luther King's radical legacy in January 2016

Bay Bridge shut down action to reclaim Martin Luther King's radical legacy in January 2016

Nanci has taught and begun music, dance, garden, coaching, and musical theater programs in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles unified school districts, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, churches, the YMCA and street parties up and down the 101 and back.  

Her gifts are direct action through song, grassroots community organizing, strategic planning, and coordinated shut down of major hegemonic infrastructure, especially bridges, freeways and city halls as a call to realize beloved community.


She has ten year old twin girls who are the light of her life, and she wakes up every morning grateful to get to be the parent of two such wondrous people.

Nanci lives an embodied praxis at the intersection of theory and practice. She holds a BA in Educational Anthropology from UC Berkeley, is a co-creator of PEACE Out Loud, a member of the #BayBridge25, part of the Anti Police-Terror Project’s Black Leadership Committee, an unapologetically Black queer woman, Mama to twins, and a fierce advocate for love and community self defense. 



Cara Kelsey, Co-director of peace out loud & director of middle school programming

Cara Kelsey is a bodyworker, sexual health educator, artist, community builder, adventurer and
mom. Since becoming a mom she has tried to involve her child in as much of her work as
possible and dedicated her time and energy learning from, teaching, creating and cultivating a
community of parents. She has done Parent/Child massage events, costume and prop making
and performance art pieces with her child. She has been featured in articles about consent and
social justice informed parenting as well as in the book “the ultimate guide to sex during
pregnancy and motherhood”. Peace Out Loud has been a wonderful container for her to utilize
and practice all of these skills as well as to build new skills rooted in activism and playfulness.


Noémie Hakim Serfaty, summer camp director

Noemie is an Oakland-based educator, filmmaker and community media maker. Her film work explores how art can be a tool of resistance, liberation and community building. As an educator, she loves the challenge of creating a just, safe and encouraging environment for kids to grow into their full selves. Working at PEACE Out Loud has been a wonderful opportunity to ground her social justice organizing in community, by weaving relationships with kids and families from the neighborhood she lives in.