PEACE Out Loud:

Peace, Education, Arts & Creation for Everyone.


Who We Are

Peace Out Loud is based in South Berkeley, California and is a 10 year old neighborhood project of building self-determined community through youth programs and social permaculture. As educators, we are committed to creating the conditions for all children to comfortably grow into being their full selves.  As social permaculturists, we identify the needs in our community and co-create programs in response to those needs. Our team is composed of black, brown, queer, trans and poor people with a passion for care, social justice and playfulness!

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“There are words, thoughts and emotions that cannot be expressed unless they are performed. ”

— Nanci Armstrong Temple, Founder



Peace Out Loud was started by Nanci Armstrong-Temple, an activist, educator, organizer and social permaculturist. She is the daughter of a Black revolutionary/former Black Panther father and a white abolitionist Unitarian Universalist Mother. Nanci has worked as an educational anthropologist and activist with over 20 years of experience as an educator. She has taught and begun music, dance, garden, coaching, and musical theater programs in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles unified school districts, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, churches, the YMCA and street parties up and down the 101 and back.  

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Our Mission

We strive to create a world liberated from oppression in all its shapes. We welcome children of queer and trans parents, children of sex workers, children of all gender expression, abilities and ethnicity. Our program is sliding scale with no one turned away for lack of funds.


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