Our Mission


At PEACE Out Loud we are interested in Maker and Arts Education in and of itself and as a vehicle for child development, individual expression, community building, peace training and changing the world — not a small endeavor, by any means!

As educators, we are committed to creating the conditions for all children to comfortably grow into being their full selves. Our team is composed of black, brown, queer, trans and poor people with a passion for care, social justice and playfulness! We strive to create a world liberated from oppression in all its shapes. We welcome children of queer and trans parents, children of sex workers, children of all gender expression, abilities and ethnicity. Our program is sliding scale.

Our P.E.A.C.E Out Loud program is the culmination of over 20 years of research and practice in classrooms, hospitals and community centers throughout the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Areas. Through dance, music, drama and visual arts, garden programs and camps we have been able to help shape the immediate and long term circumstances in the lives of so many children with a broad range of abilities and situations. We intend to help shape a generation where every child has the tools for a peaceful, productive and art-filled life.