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PEACE Out Loud is looking for seasonal (Full time in summer) and year-round (Sporadic camps throughout the year) summer camp help.

The ideal candidate is familiar with summer camp programming, is a team player, is playful and spontaneous but still able to maintain a schedule of self-care for themselves and the campers. Camp schedule is 5 days a week for 10 weeks, with a week of training at the beginning of summer and a week off in the middle of the summer.

Group interviews are scheduled for Friday, May 4th from 11:30-2:30pm.

Camp Philosophy
Camp is its own tiny world; a community that we create together every day. We all know about the toxicity that permeates daily life--the police brutality, the (pre)school-to-prison pipeline, the glass ceilings, the pay gaps, the intimate and the structural violence. When we bring our snacks and sit in a circle each morning, we have an opportunity to create a space fueled by different values.


We practice respect by allowing children the opportunities to choose their activities and by using compassionate communication. We encourage awareness by bringing in a social justice topic to discuss each week. We build compassion by bringing emotional literacy into our problem-solving conversations. We normalize diversity among both campers and counselors across race, age, abilities, and gender. We learn to play inclusively, even when it's unusual or awkward.  Fundamentally, we believe that when the adults at PEACE Out Loud adhere to our fundamental principles of Consent Culture, Transformative Justice, and a constant striving against adult supremacy, then justice and respect become the guiding principles of our community.

We are looking for:
Head Counselors ($15-$20/hour, depending on experience): Able to lead a group of children as well as an Assistant counselor, Junior Counselors, and Counselors in Training as well as collaborate with Camp Director, Assistant Directors, Specialists and community members. Must be able to take direction and lead others with positivity and love.

Specialists ($15-$30/hr): Specialists are experts in a particular subject or field and able to independently organize activities as well as collaborate with Head counselors and Directors to create theme-based and subject-based content.

Assistant Counselors ($14-$17/hr): Able to help lead a group of children independently and collaboratively with Head Counselors.

Junior Counselors (High School students; stipend available): Able to take direction from Head and Assistant counselors as well as lead groups independently.

Counselors in Training (Middle school students; job training available): We are looking for entering 5th graders and above who are good with younger kids, able to take direction, able to lead or help lead art projects, sports activities, or other games and activities.

Our P.E.A.C.E Out Loud program is the culmination of over 20 years of research and practice in classrooms, hospitals and community centers throughout the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Areas. Through dance, music, drama and visual arts, garden programs and camps we have been able to help shape the immediate and long term circumstances in the lives of so many children with a broad range of abilities and situations. We intend to help shape a generation where every child has the tools for a peaceful, productive and art-filled life.

Our Summer Camp Program is inclusive and we welcome campers of every ability, gender, class, race and culture, regardless of ability to pay. We especially encourage applications from and are primarily comprised of queer and/or poc folks.

To apply for a job, as as a counselor or teaching artist, contact us at