General Camp Info

Direct Action Summer Camp!

From June 11th to August 17th Peace Out Loud will be having its second Direct Action Summer Camp! The summer will be about free play, but also art, skill learning, freedom fighting and many social justice themed field trips.

Please note: this summer we have pick-up and drop off available for those who need it. Let us know if that’s you!

In our mixed age camp environment, we create intentional curriculums which are tailored to be developmentally appropriate for all of our campers.

As always our camps are flexible and created by each child; the themes and activities are what our facilitators will bring to the camp . The campers can then choose to use them in whatever way they like. Come out for climbing or building, or hanging out in a tree all day with a good book. The choice is theirs.

Please note that Camp is an exceptionally dirt-filled experience. Feel free to bring an extra outfit daily.

As always, please pack a hearty lunch every day, as kids are generally more hungry at camp than they are at school.

Other info:

What does freedom look like? We think it looks like play, and community. It looks like cooperation and negotiation and respect for personhood.

PEACE Out Loud Camp is a collective of adults and kids who hang out outside and play. Our influences include Bev Bos, John Taylor Gatto, Gabor Maté, Martin Luther King, Jr., Assata Shakur, bell hooks, Cesar Chavez, Dr. Seuss, and so many freedom fighters and lovers of life both in the past and in the current day.

We have three community circles a day where we share snacks, information about ourselves and tactics, techniques, games, and songs for and about community, freedom, self-determination, principle and love.

The rest of the time there are offerings (like friendship bracelets and Lego tent, marble run and baseball, sand toys and board games) and workshops (like building and making and painting and seeing and climbing) that the campers are free to engage in or not.

We encourage a multi-age environment, visits and participation from parents and grandparents and other extended family, and include artists and activists from our community who visit and share their work with us.

Schedules, Rates & Locations


The camp day is 9-1 for under 5 year olds and 9-3:30 for over 5 year olds.

Aftercare begins at the time the regular camp day ends and goes until 5:30.

Before care goes from 8-9am.

Note: you must pre-register for before and after care in order for it to be available, as we do not staff the aftercare hours unless requested. If you have an unexpected delay, just let us know. We will accommodate whenever we can.


Mondays: On site at San Pablo Park

Tuesdays: Strawberry Creek park and West Campus Pool (Bring a bathing suit and water shoes; let us know if you don’t have these items )

Wednesdays: On site at San Pablo Park

Thursdays: Various field trips; usually meet at San Pablo Park

Fridays: On site at San Pablo Park

Camp Fee Info:

Camp is $40-$100/day, self-determined sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds.

After care is $15 flat rate for under 5 year olds and $10 flat rate for over 5 year olds.

Before care is $5/day.

Weekly Themes

WEEK 1 (06/11 - 06/15) PEACE Out Loud Families Week

WEEK 2 (06/18 - 06/22) Travel through time : Elders and Ancestors Week

This week we build a time machine and meet our individual and common ancestors. We learn how to build fires like some of our ancestors did and we practice ancient arts that all of us have in common. Please bring pictures and/or stories of elders and ancestors if you have them.

WEEK 3  (06/25 - 06/29) Travel through time 2: The Land We stand on

This week we use our time machine to learn about the story of the land we stand on, its first peoples, and how to care for and respect their ancestral land.

WEEK 4  (07/02 - 07/06) From Super Hero to Super Community

This week we channel our super powers to embody our own superhero character, and learn how to bring our powers together to build a resilient community!   We will craft our own super hero costume and character, make our own super story and go kayaking in Lake Merritt.

WEEK 5  (07/09 - 07/13) Healers and Medics

This week we learn how to care for ourselves and eachother. We will do first aid trainings, learning about medicinal plants and how to listen to eachother's hearts through empathy games such as "name the emotion". We will take a trip with our home made first aid kits to Fairy Land, while our young Counselors in Training will perfect their kayaking skills.

WEEK 6 (07/16 - 07/20) Allies and Accomplices: Against Adult Supremacy

This week we play games that teach us how to be allies and accomplices to eachother, we talk about what liberation means from the point of view of kids. We will prepare a march around the park to end adult supremacy and create an environment where everyone is included and no one is excluded! We will take a trip to Adventure Playground.


WEEK 7 (07/30-08/03) Collaborative Olympics Week

This week will be about practicing sports for unity building, not competition. We will practice kayaking, skate boarding, water games, and participate in the Berkeley Olympics! Please bring a helmet for your kid for skate boarding day, and let us know if you do not have this item, thank you.

WEEK 8 (08/06 - 08/10) Mystery Week

This week is being organized by  some of our counselors, who are being mentored to lead a theme and activities for one week every summer. The theme will be announced soon.

WEEK 9 (08/13 - 08/17) Map Making And Way Finding

This week we make maps and learn to find our way on the inside and the outside. We will make and use a compass, make subjective maps of our neigborhood, and take a trip to the Mills College pool and... maze! Friday August 17th will be our end of summer potluck and barbeque for kids and parents. We hope to see you all there!